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The Process Iverson Interiors

The Process

Here is a generalized breakdown of how we approach a design project. Depending on your objectives, not all stages may be relevant; however it provides an opportunity to review all aspects so we fully understand what components you want to incorporate into your design.

The first meeting is our opportunity to get to know each other by establishing a relationship of trust and understanding that leads to a clear definition of your unique style, needs, and objectives. It is extremely beneficial if you have magazine pictures or photographs of interiors you find attractive. We begin by preparing an outline of how you would like to proceed and determine the overall look and feel you want to experience. Moving forward, we will discuss the details of our agreement, along with the direction of color, style, and function. We also determine what architectural elements and details could be incorporated, and the use of any existing furniture, art, and accessories.

If you have access to existing floor plans and elevations of your project, you can save time and money by providing a copy to the designer. We will begin the process of refining your style based on colors, finishes, flooring & tile, furnishings, window and wall treatments, lighting, art and accessories. This will allow us to establish budget parameters. With a remodel design, we photograph and measure the project and inventory existing furniture, art and accessories that you would like to include. We analyze architectural details, windows, doors, openings, the need for additional ceiling or wall lighting, electrical & data outlets and any other work that may affect the general layout and function of the design. In addition, we provide and coordinate specialty sub-contractors, wallpaper hangers and other artisans as needed.

We finalize the details of the interior design, construction or remodeling details, cabinetry, counter tops, paint, flooring, tile, color scheme, furnishings, window and wall treatments and any other material selections. We provide all drawings to fully communicate the desired results to the contractors. We will set priorities and scheduling requirements for any of our sub-contractors and begin preparation of a project outline and budget. We will determine the need for electrical, lighting, light fixtures and other unique sources of light, along with highlighting focal points and day & night time lighting options, which all play a major role in setting the mood of a room.

We now have a detailed budget, specification package, construction drawings and any necessary contractor bids. Upon your approval, this budget is our working tool and guideline for the remainder of the design process. As your interior design consultant, we will begin ordering all applicable furnishings and materials, along with coordinating and scheduling work to be performed by our sub-contractors as outlined in the budget. You will be updated on a regular basis regarding the progress of your project and informed of any necessary changes or further selections that need to be determined.

We will be in constant communication with you throughout the remainder of your project. We coordinate the delivery, installation and placement of furniture, art and accessories, window & wall treatment installation, and the completion of any work performed by our sub-contractors.

By the end of this process, we are bound to be good friends !!!