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FAQ and Kudos Iverson Interiors

FAQ and Kudos

Designers provide custom interiors to meet the owner’s specific aesthetic requirements, spatial needs, budget parameters, and visual style. Designers are skilled at evaluating proper material choices and tending to the many complicated aspects of a building design. As a leader, the interior designer can guide the owner through the design and construction process. They can provide detailed drawings which can be competitively bid by contractors, resulting in the best design for the best price.

Think of hiring an interior designer as a very wise investment that will ultimately result in substantial savings. Lack of effective planning will most certainly cause unexpected problems leading to time delays and additional expenses. A well thought out plan that is effectively implemented will save you time and money. Also, designers can assist you in making your home more energy efficient, which can lead to additional savings.

Consulting with a designer at the beginning of your project will ensure the best results. They can help create your vision, evaluate preliminary materials and costs as well as make adjustments during construction. Working with an interior designer early will enable you to fully understand how all the building processes come together.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“The entire construction process was enhanced working with Iverson Interiors. The physical details in many areas are what make the feel of my home so special. Arched windows, corbels in the arched entries between rooms, the built in bookshelves, skylights, the dropped ceiling over the breakfast nook, indented walls, fireplaces. Adding theses details while the house was being framed was a huge savings in time and money, and is what make my house extraordinary.

The interior design process was greatly simplified and enhanced working with Ren�. There are millions of fixtures, tiles, colors, etc to choose from. I had pictures from model homes and magazines of the feel and the look I wanted. She narrowed the choices down to a manageable level. She sensed what I wanted and provided samples within the guidelines I had established. In addition, my home abounds in textures, colors, fabrics that suit me and my lifestyle, they are warm, inviting, and comfy. There is a quality and sense of caring in all the details. In addition, her experience led to many innovative ideas that look beautiful. We were able to use many of our antique pieces, and furniture that we had collected over the years in a fresh innovative way.
We are extremely happy with our home, it is an expression of us and we love being here. We would highly recommend Ren� to anyone who is building a home, and we had fun!”

Bonnie Baumgartner

“Iverson Interiors’ active presence during the construction process made all the difference. In addition to giving focus and detail to the vision we had of our house-to-be, Rene was the advocate for that vision we needed during its construction. The difference was not limited to the home interior but to the hundreds of decisions, and not just by the careful placement of furniture or definition of color, but through a well-developed architectural understanding of interior space, outstanding ability to visualize and careful attention to details that arise during construction.

Rene is very empathetic, quick to listen and easy to work with. She used a systematic approach to guide us toward design decisions. Rather than throwing us a myriad of samples and leaving us to flounder, once she had an understanding of our preferences, she provided a reasonable number of options along with clear explanation of each option. We never felt as though we were retracing our steps but always moving forward to good decisions.”

Thom & Lynne Fuller